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Privateer Press releases another big game with Voltron

By Fred Jandt
Published: September 13, 2010
Voltron box top
Voltron game contents
Voltron Force
Product: Based on the 1980s Voltron: Defender of the Universe cartoon, Privateer Press’ Voltron: Defender of the Universe Battle Miniatures Game (Voltron) captures the fun, while creating an in-depth strategy game. In the package is everything needed to play, including the rules, two large monster figures, 10 small monster figures, 10 unit figures, tokens, dice and game mat.

Gameplay: The Voltron game is based on Privateer Press’ Monsterpocalypse miniatures game. Anyone familiar with those rules will be able to jump right into this game and start playing. In fact, the rulebook lists the three differences between Monsterpocalypse and Voltron in a handy section ("A Primer for Monsterpocalypse Players") at the end. However, for customers who have never played Monsterpocalypse before and may be interested, Voltron is a great starter set.

While Voltron is a starter set, though, it is not a basic set. The rulebook doesn’t contain “simplified,” “slimmed down” or “beginner’s” rules. These are (with the three exceptions noted above) the regular Monsterpocalypse rules — and that is both a good and a bad thing. The rules, while they are clear and work well, are not for beginners. It took some time for my nine-year-old son and I to get a handle on the rules. It wasn’t something that turned us off to the game, but it took a lot longer than we expected to play our first game. Of course, once we had a few games under our belt, we were defending the universe with the Voltron Force with ease.

Marketing: Voltron is one of those 1980s properties that is viewed with an overwhelming love from its fans. Simply having the game’s stylishly designed box on your shelf will draw attention and the familiar, “Voltron. I remember this from when I was a kid.” That in itself is a great hook.

From there, Privateer Press has included all the tools needed to make this a great-selling product. When I said earlier everything was included, I meant it. Sure, everything you need to play is included in the box, but it goes beyond that. So many “starter sets” are a grab bag of pieces in a plastic shell, leaving you with a handful of “what do I do with these now” when you are done playing. The Voltron box itself is a key component of this product as it serves as that all important case separating this from other collectible gaming products and elevating this to the level of a true standalone board game.

Fifty bucks for a starter set may seem a bit steep to some customers, but that wouldn’t stop them from spending that much on a quality board game. The Voltron: Defender of the Universe Battle Miniatures Game is that fabled crossover product with the quality (including packaging) of a board game with the tie-in to a collectible game. It is a great way to get one sector of your customer base to try another and would work well racked in either — or preferably both — location.

Product: Voltron: Defender of the Universe Battle Miniatures Game
Publisher: Privateer Press
Stock No.: 50030
MSRP: $49.99
Availability: Contact your favorite game distributor

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