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Modeling & Painting Vol. 1: Core Techniques DVD from Privateer Press

By Tim Kidwell
Published: June 14, 2010
Modeling & Painting Vol. 1: Core Techniques
In this screen capture, Rob Kruzie walks hobbyists through highlighting an Ironclad.
Product: Modeling & Painting Vol. 1: Core Techniques comes with a single DVD with a folding color insert. The insert has a chapter list for the DVD, a checklist of supplies, an assembly overview for metal miniatures, and a short bio of Rob Kruzie, Privateer Press’ studio director and host of the video.

Playback: Kruzie, with the help of a narrator, runs through the basic tools needed for building and finishing miniatures, including brushes, a palette and acrylic paints. Of course, many of the products used are Privateer’s Formula P3 brand, but that’s to be expected.

The DVD discusses many great how-to tips that modelers might not even consider until someone has shown them, such as centering holes for proper pinning, getting good primer coverage, and mounting for easy painting.

Perhaps most importantly, Kruzie goes through the four fundamental painting techniques: basecoating, drybrushing, washing and layering. Then, it’s time to paint and finish three metal miniatures: a Warmachine Ironclad; a Warmachine warcaster (human figure); and a Hordes raek (fantastical monster). In each of these how-tos, Kruzie demonstrates how to use the four painting techniques, in different orders, to get the desired effect.

Finally, there is a DVD extra in which Kruzie demonstrates Privateer’s wet palette. The wet palette allows modelers to keep their acrylic paints wet and workable for up to 24 hours.

Core Techniques is fast paced and chunked so that viewers can easily digest the information. What’s more, unlike many other hobby videos, Kruzie makes painting miniatures look cool, fun and rewarding while still educating viewers.

Marketing: Unless they’re already winning awards for their painting, any miniatures enthusiast, modeler or wargamer can benefit from Privateer’s Core Techniques DVD. If you don’t already have a TV in your store, get one, if for no other reason than to play this DVD for your modeling and wargaming customers.

Core Techniques is a sales demo in itself. While it pushes Privateer’s Formula P3 tools and brushes, it will help you sell whatever tools you currently stock, from hobby knives and clippers to super glue and epoxy putty.

This DVD is a cross-merchandising dream. Stock the miniatures, brushes and acrylic paints that Kruzie uses near the TV where you’re playing the video. Stock the DVD in a couple of locations in your store. For instance, group a couple of DVDs with your displays of wargame and fantasy miniatures, your brushes and paint supplies, and your plastic model figures.

For customers who are just starting out in miniatures, put together a beginner’s package that includes the basic tools for the hobby, such as a cutting surface like Tamiya’s mat (No. 74076), a hobby knife and refill blades, clippers, a modeling drill and super glue. Make sure to provide the proper brushes and a selection of paint. Finally, include the DVD with the package, throw in a free figure and discount the lot by 10%.

Lastly, use the DVD to sell customers on the Warmachine and Hordes games. The miniatures look killer and the game is fun to play. The idea of painting figures can be a daunting one, especially if your customer doesn’t think they have the talent to do it well. That can then affect whether or not the customer would get into a tabletop wargame.

Core Techniques shows customers that painting great looking miniatures is possible, and just might spur them to ask about the games, which opens the door for you to work more sales magic!

Product: Modeling & Painting Vol. 1: Core Techniques
Publisher: Privateer Press
Stock No.: PIP 93108
MSRP: $29.99
Availability: Alliance, ACD, or visit for more information

Makes the hobby look fun
Full of how-to information
Great sales tool
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