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Thieves bag $80,000 in model trains

Published: March 19, 2015

Two burglars in the early morning of March 16 made off with hundreds of model train locomotives, rolling stock and other products from English’s Model Railroad Supply in Montoursville, Pa.

“It's really kind of startling when you walk in and everything is empty,” says store owner Lee English. “Looks like we are approaching $80,000 to $90,000 in lost merchandise. Lionel, Mike's Train House, American Flyer—they knew what they wanted. Locos and cars were on display tracks, so 90 percent of the items have no boxes.”

At first, English saw no evidence of forced entry. Windows and doors were shut and locked. Then he saw the hole in the front wall: Outside, shrubbery hid the damage where steel siding had been cut away.

Surveillance video showed two masked men filling carts full of merchandise. “Loaded up, pressed the electric button and walked out the door,” English says.

The store is insured for the loss. Still, store manager Richard Cox says, “A lot of the items, we won't be able to replace them.”

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