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Mayfair to continue Gen Con sponsorship

By Nick Bullock
Published: February 6, 2014
Mayfair The Big Game
Players line a table-length Settlers of Catan game board at Gen Con 2013 on Aug. 16 in Indianapolis.
Photo by Facebook
Mayfair Games announced via a Feb. 5 press release it has extended its sponsorship agreement with the popular tabletop game convention Gen Con through 2017. Mayfair has been a major sponsor of Gen Con since 2011.

“Whether teaming with our charity partners, running record-breaking events,or delivering a world-class Exhibit Hall experience, Mayfair Games has taken every opportunity to amplify the excitement of Gen Con,” said Adrian Swartout, CEO of Gen Con LLC. “Given their amazing performance as co-sponsors during the prior three years, we know that they will be an integral part in our ramp up to Gen Con 50, taking place in 2017.”

At last year’s Gen Con, Mayfair held numerous events, including the Warp Speed Tournament, where the three winning participants faced off against Wil Wheaton in a charity Star Trek Catan game. Mayfair also organized The Big Game, where the Official Guinness World Record for most players in a single Settlers of Catan game was set at 922.
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