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Alliance to open Canadian division

By Nick Bullock
Published: February 13, 2014
Alliance Game Distributors
Alliance Game Distributors will open a Canadian division this summer, the company announced Feb. 11 via its Facebook page.

“For several years, Alliance has served the needs of many Canadian stores from our U.S. warehouse system,“ Alliance President Daniel Hirsch said. “We are truly excited by the opportunity that opening a location in Canada brings to expand our offerings north. We look forward to bringing our marketing, promotions and distribution expertise to a wider audience and to providing even better service across North America. We are working closely with our vendors to assure a high level of service and selection.”

In preparation for the opening of the new location, Alliance North, Wizards of the Coast is providing product for the upcoming Journey Into Nyx prerelease and release for Magic: The Gathering. Canadian retailers in the Wizards Play Network will be able to select Alliance as their distributor of choice for the prerelease. Alliance will provide Canadian accounts with Wizards of the Coast products from its Midwest location in the lead up to the opening of Alliance North.

Canadian retailers east of the Rocky Mountains who do not currently have an account with Alliance may contact Danny O’Neill, sales manager for Alliance Midwest, who will set up new customer accounts. O’Neill can be reached at (260) 440-7305 or via email at [email protected]. Canadian retailers west of the Rocky Mountains should contact Vincent Ligi, sales manager for Alliance West, at (510) 323-4015 or [email protected].
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