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Looting London from Gryphon Games

By The Hobby Shop, Wilson, N.C.
Published: January 5, 2011
Looting London Gryphon Games
Looting London contents

Product: Looting London is a combination tile/card game that comes with 72 rectangle Witness Cards, 25 square Evidence Tiles, 5 round Loot Bonus Discs, and a full color rules booklet. Tiles and cards are sturdy and made to stand up to hours and hours of play. It is designed for 2 to 5 players, ages 10 and up.

Gameplay: The 25 Evidence Tiles are shuffled and placed in a 5x5 layout. This ensures a different game each time, as the variable layout creates different obstacles and strategies. Each game piece (discs & tiles) is one of five colors, and each of the five colors represents a different crime. The game tiles are clues to help solve the crime and the witness cards are used to collect or destroy evidence. When the last tile of a single color is taken, then all the tiles of that color are scored. The player with the most points receives the bonus disc that corresponds with the color.    

Play continues until only one color remains. That crime remains unsolved and all tiles and the bonus disc associated with that color go unscored. The player with the most accumulated loot points at that end is declared the winner.

Marketing: Looting London is a game that is incredibly easy to demo and teach. The colorful tiles and discs display well and are very eye-catching while demoing. The game can be taught in literally 5 minutes. This allows for several customers to try out the game in a relatively short amount of time. The game is well designed in that it is simple to teach, but it is also very strategic. 

Looting London is perfect for the family game night in that children can pick up the basics in no time. It is also a great game for a group of friends to pull out and play a cutthroat, strategic, and thoroughly unique game.  


Product: Looting London

Publisher: Gryphon Games

MSRP: $24.95

Availability: FRED Distribution and others


Very quick demo

Family friendly

Attractive box and components

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