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Hecho from Glowfly Games

By Tim Kidwell
Published: January 24, 2011
Hecho from Glowfly Games
Hecho contents

Product: A sharp eye, quick reflexes and the ability to think fast are the requirements of this game, for 2-6 players, ages eight and up, from Glowfly Games, one of Sandstorm Productions studio imprints.

Hecho means “made” or “done” in Spanish. Hecho the game puts players into the roles of contractors who try to construct buildings from a variety of materials that they acquire through blind draws from “The Scrapyard.” Included in the game are 36 large project cards, 110 material cards and a color rule book in English and Spanish.

Gameplay: Playing Hecho couldn’t be simpler. The project cards are shuffled and then dealt into six piles of six cards. The material cards are shuffled and placed into a pile at the center of the project cards. Each player randomly draws six cards from the scrap pile. The top card of each of the project piles is flipped over and play begins.

There are six kinds of material: wood, glass, brick, metal, plastic and cement. Each material card is one of these materials and also has a number value prominently displayed. Each of the 36 projects requires an amount of a particular material or combination of materials in order to be built.

For example, if a project requires 6 wood and 3 metal, and he has a two wood cards valued at 3 and 4, and a metal card with a 6 value, he can shout “Hecho!” play his cards and claim the project. The next project in that pile is then revealed.

Every time a player builds a project, he draws two cards from the scrap pile and every other player draws one.

Wild cards help change up play, as do specialist cards. These allow players to substitute one material for another in order to finish a project.

When the last project in one of the six piles is built, the round ends. Each player adds up the points for the projects he’s built, plus the player who built the last project gets 10 bonus points. A full game lasts four rounds. The player with the most points wins.

Hecho is more exciting with more players. The two-player game has a tendency to get to a place where players are forced to trade to make pairs so they can pay for draws from the scrap pile. This slows down gameplay and can be frustrating. It’s a situation that is less usual with three or more.

Marketing: If there is a game that should sell itself to teachers — Spanish language teachers in particular — it’s Hecho. Don’t underestimate the power of selling this game and others like it as both fun and educational.

In 2011, National Teacher Appreciation Week is May 2-6, with Teacher Appreciation Day on May 3. Consider running a special on Hecho and other educational games, such as Apples to Apples, for teachers in your district. Announce it in your e-newsletter and on your bag inserts.

One of the fastest growing demographics in America is Spanish-speaking immigrants. Hecho is one of a few games uniquely placed among games right now to target that market. It could be a way to open a dialog with your local Spanish-speaking community. A way to do that would be to contact local grade school and high school Spanish instructors, introduce them to Hecho and the possibilities it and similar games present in and outside of the classroom.


Product: Hecho

Publisher: Glowfly Games/Sandstorm Productions

Stock No.: GLW 40000

MSRP: $14.95

Availability: Your favorite game distributor or visit Sandstorm Productions for sales information


Fast, simultaneous play

Very easy to learn

Great for teaching English and Spanish

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