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Galaxy Quest Ion Nebulizer and Vox Communicator model kit from Pegasus Hobbies

By Matt Usher
Published: April 14, 2010
Galaxy Question Ion Nebulizer and Vox Communicator
Photo by Matt Usher
Product: Even as a longtime fan, I’ll admit that Star Trek can be an easy target to make fun of. Released in 1999, Galaxy Quest is the rarest of things – it’s a comedy that satirizes Star Trek’s characters, conventions, and fans without simply resorting to easy nerd jokes. Clearly its writers went in knowing the difference between “laughing at” and “laughing with” and the result is still a lot of fun. The Galaxy Quest universe is populated with ships and hardware that are just a few degrees removed from their “Trek” counterparts, and Pegasus Hobbies’ new line lets science-fiction modelers add these to their collections with all-new injection-molded kits.

Assembly: Open the box of Pegasus’ “Standard Thermian issue” Ion Nebulizer and Vox Communicator and you’ll find parts molded in light gray and translucent blue plastic, a small bag of hardware (springs and screws for the operating features), a decal, and a nicely detailed fold-out sheet of assembly directions.

As the instructions point out, the kit parts are molded in acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), not standard styrene. Methyl Ethyl Ketone-based glues won’t work with ABS, so Pegasus recommends using Tamiya Extra Thin Cement, Testors Model Master Liquid Cement, or cyanoacrylate (super glue). I used gap-filling super glue on my kit. The parts are substantial and well molded, but a few had prominent ejector-pin marks I fixed with gap-filling super glue.

All of the parts fit together nicely and Pegasus’ engineering simplifies things considerably. For example, the gun’s pebbled handgrips are separate parts (making them a snap to paint before assembly) and many of the parts are “keyed” so they can’t be installed the wrong way.

Before gluing its retaining pin in place, test-fit the Vox’s spring-loaded flip-down cover carefully. It has a nice tight fit when closed, but if the hinge is off even a little the cover won’t spring open cleanly.

I primed the models with gray automotive primer then airbrushed them using Floquil Platinum Mist. I used Silver Rust-Oleum Stops Rust Hammered spray paint (No. 7213830) from the hardware store to simulate the variegated metallic finish on the Vox. Floquil and Rust-Oleum are good-looking, and more importantly, durable paints – handy when you know the models will be handled (i.e. played with) often.

Marketing: It’s a good time for science-fiction modelers, with several new kits and classic reissues arriving from different companies. Dedicated science-fiction shelf space (or even an endcap) will go a long way toward promoting this trend. Be ready to offer basic building advice to help encourage shoppers who may be first-time modelers.

Product: Ion Nebulizer and Vox Communicator from Galaxy Quest
Maker: Pegasus Hobbies
Scale: 1:1
Stock No.: 9003
MSRP: $17.95

Easy construction
Plastic requires specific glues
Hits at the right time for sci-fi modelers
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