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Phoenix Flight Simulation 2.5 from Runtime Games

By Greg Covey
Published: March 12, 2010
The Phoenix Flight Simulation comes with a Spektrum 2.4GHz transmitter to use on the computer and at the field.
The Phoenix Professional Radio Control Flight Simulation 2.5 includes a genuine Spektrum DX5e transmitter. Including the transmitter provides a complete package that will attract customers that may not already have one.

It also gives experienced pilots an alternative controller to prevent wearing out the gimbals on their more expensive transmitters. Pilots can actually take the DX5e transmitter to the park or flying field after purchasing their Bind-N-Fly (BNF) model and practicing with the same model on the simulator. The Horizon Hobby Exclusive Edition of the Phoenix simulator features more than 100 aircraft from JR Heli, E-flite, Blade, Hangar 9 and ParkZone. You’ll also be able to fly with other pilots from around the world thanks to Internet Multiplayer Mode. When you’re ready for a new Horizon Hobby aircraft and other sceneries, simply visit for free downloads. There are no add-on packs to purchase, ever!

The Phoenix flight simulator comes packaged in a colorful box that touts the DX5e transmitter and included Horizon-brand simulated models. The included manual is for the DX5e transmitter, so there’s no installation or user guide for the simulator itself. However, a Quick Start Guide is available online from Horizon Hobby. The simulator works with just about any manufacturer’s transmitter except for the Spektrum DX7se.

Performance: The Phoenix Pro R/C Flight Simulation 2.5 is full featured yet easy to use. The product will attract just about everyone, from novice to advanced pilots, with interests from glow and gas-powered airplanes to helicopters and electric park flyers. One of the many useful features allows you to access the most recently selected models without having to go to the selection menu. A flight recorder allows you to record and watch your complete flight.

Another nice feature allows you to slow down the simulation, which is handy when you’re trying to learn a new maneuver. The tutorials contain helpful information for both airplanes and helis and also contain instructions for aerobatics.

An adapter (No. RTMASPMDX5E) for the DX5e transmitter is now included with the Phoenix flight simulator. Without the adapter, the original connector would sometimes come out if the transmitter were held a certain way.

This new adapter corrects the issue by allowing the user to hold the transmitter in a more convenient and ergonomic position. Current owners can call Horizon Hobby customer service at 877-504-0233 and get the adapter for free.

Marketing: The Phoenix Pro R/C Flight Simulation 2.5 has numerous features that are too extensive to properly cover in any one review. It’s both a skill-learning and money-saving tool. Customers, whatever their skill level or plane interest may be, will be satisfied with this purchase.

Entry-level customers can now purchase a simulator that allows them to learn to fly the actual model they want to buy before going to the park or flying field. The DX5e transmitter can be used with most of the BNF models currently on the market.

Intermediate or advanced pilots can optionally use their own Spektrum or JR DSM2 transmitters to learn new maneuvers or types of planes.

Some key products to keep on hand are the Phoenix DV5e Adapter and an assortment of BNF models.

Product: Phoenix R/C Pro Flight Simulation 2.5 w/DX5e
Maker: Runtime Games Ltd.
Stock No.: RTM25R5500
MSRP: $174.99
Other products: Phoenix Quickstart Guide ; Phoenix DV5e Adapter (No. RTMASPMDX5E)
Availability: Horizon Hobby

  • Includes DX5e transmitter
  • Adapter also included
  • Free upgrades
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