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Genesis.XT airbrush and AC1810-A compressor kit from Grex

Grex airbrush-compressor combo gets customers painting fast

By Hal Miller
Published: March 12, 2010
Product: Air tool manufacturer Grex recently put its Genesis.XT airbrush and AC1810-A compressor in one package. Both products have previously been released individually; putting them together gives would-be airbrushers a nice set of tools to paint models or do other artwork.

The set comes boxed in the company’s bright-green color scheme, with a window in one side so the customer can see the contents, or at least the airbrush.

In addition to the compressor and airbrush, the box also contains a DVD teaching the basics of airbrush use, an air hose, and a bottle of Grex’s Private Stock paint. The side gravity-fed airbrush itself includes a lot of little niceties: a G-MAC air-control valve, quick connectors, 7- and 15ml cups and a 30ml bottle. It has a 0.35mm fluid nozzle, good for general-purpose work.

Performance: The Genesis.XT is a trigger-style double-action airbrush that’s very comfortable and intuitive to use. Both of these factors let even the novice achieve good results right away.

The compressor is quiet. It comes with a regulator-moisture trap already installed, which helps alleviate any “pulsing” that sometimes afflicts compressors this size.

It has no tank, and runs only when the airbrush trigger is pressed. When another editor heard it, he remarked, “I can airbrush with it at home and my wife won’t yell at me!” I tested his theory using my wife as the unwitting subject, weathering some railroad track in my basement. Sure enough, nary a peep from my better half. She didn’t even know the compressor was running until she came into the basement for something else.

The airbrush did excellent work on the track. I was able to control the spray of paint to very accurately hit the side of the rail, and to put rust and grime effects exactly where I wanted them. The pistol-style grip was comfortable over several long sessions of painting and helped me avoid any hand cramping.

I also used the kit to paint a Revell Corvette C6-R body using Grex’s Private Stock paints. Both the airbrush and paint performed smoothly.

A couple of other people in the office also took a turn with with the rig. One is a very experienced modeler familiar with airbrushes; the other had never used one. Both liked the way it felt. The experienced modeler found the brush well balanced and really liked the quick-connect feature that can be used to change between multiple airbrushes. The neophyte was able to paint immediately and was happy with his results.

Marketing/availability: The way I found out how easy the Genesis.XT is to use was by actually trying it at a trade show. I also watched lots of people, many of whom had never airbrushed, just walk up and start spraying paint. After a few minutes, they were hooked and were making the airbrush do what they wanted it to do.

It can only help to have the combo on display in your store and let customers try their hand with it on paper. Or, you could build an airbrushing class around this product.

Grex’s products are available directly from the company. According to Daniel Huynh, director of business development, the company is looking for dealers and provides comprehensive training on its products and marketing materials. In addition, he says the company has low minimum orders and MAP pricing.

Product: Airbrush-Compressor Kit
Maker: Grex
Stock No.: GCK01
MSRP: $499.95
Availability: e-mail Grex Airbrush or call 626-289-7618

  • Eye-catching packaging
  • Easy for beginners to use
  • Quiet compressor
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