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Did you attend the 2012 iHobby Expo in Cleveland? Why or why not?

In November, we asked hobby retailers whether or not they attended the 2012 iHobby Expo in Cleveland and what what their reasons were. To read more, check out the January 2013 issue of Model Retailer.
Published: December 18, 2012
Ron Smith, R/C Plus Hobbies, Salem, Ore., said:
“No, I'm too busy at the shop, and with the Internet it's not really needed.”

Daniel Schmidt, HobbyTown USA, Lincoln, Neb., responded:
“No, there is not enough reason to attend.”

Kevin Redclay, Valley Rail Trains and Hobbies, Allentown, Pa., said:

“No, [due to] time and money.”

Scott Thorne, Castle Perilous Games, Carbondale, Ill., said:
“Our business focuses on the game aspect of the hobby industry. I find other trade shows, such as the GAMA Trade Show, to be a better investment of our time and dollars.”

Donald Johnson, Don's Hobby Shop, Bothell, Wash., replied:
“No, [due to] lack of time.”

Richard Brooks, Recreational Conflict, Owensboro, Ky., said:
“No, [there's] no time.”

Charles Hirschberg, Nassau Hobby Center, Freeport, N.Y., said:

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