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What's the most frustrating part of your job and why?

In August, we asked hobby retailers what is the most frustrating part of their job and why. To read more, check out the October 2012 issue of Model Retailer.
Published: September 17, 2012
Robert Mazza, HobbyTown USA, Oshkosh, Wis., said:
Keeping good quality help with the amount of money available to pay them.

Jerry Anderson, Jass Collectibles, Red Deer, Alta, replied:

Dealing with distributors with staff that should be better trained or replaced.

James Pentifallo, Ridgefield Hobby, Ridgefield, N.J., responded:

Telling people delivery dates and the manufacturers not delivering.

Carl Dann, Smoky Mountain Trader, Cleveland, Ga., said:
Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork! I am stuck nearly half of the time in my back office grumbling and complaining with stacks of bills, advertisements and invoices instead of spending time on the sales floor preaching the gospel of fun! I don't know anyone in this business who is not into fun, and yet here we are watching from the sidelines as those brand new items are opened for the first time and the wow factor spreads around the showroom. Unfortunately, the economy has necessitated eliminating a back office position and left me to pull double duty as file clerk instead of full-time, fun-time cheerleader, which is my true calling.

Richard Brooks, Recreational Conflict, Owensboro, Ky., said:
Trying to keep with with new items. Income does not keep up the ability to purchase new items. I can't afford a store space large enough to have storage space as well as display space. Retail real estate here has stayed the same since 2008. It has not gone down in price and loads of store space is available, but not affordable.

Scott Millican, Elm City Hobbies, Hanwell, N.B., said:
For me it is balancing restocking existing products and bringing in new products. I don't like being without something, especially when a customer is looking for it. Ordering a new product, but doing so cautiously to gauge the interest and then finding out you have sold most of it, hindsight being 20/20, should have had more of it.

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