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With summer coming up, what seasonal activities are you doing to market your store?

In May, we asked hobby retailers what seasonal activities they are doing to market their stores. To read more, check out the July 2012 issue of Model Retailer.
Published: June 14, 2012
James Otten of PopPop's Trains, Hobbies & More, Eminence, Mo., said:
Airbrush seminars on Sundays, model building classes and R/C demos along with airsoft demos - all at no charge. We are attempting to show what can be done and to get customers to try it to get over the fear or apprehension of spending money to try it.

Tim Humphrey of McCormick's Hobby Centre, London, Ont., replied:

We'll be running a flyer in the newspaper.

Kimberly Miller-Gordon, Turn 4 Hobbies, West Boylston, Mass., responded:
We get booths or tables at the local town fairs where we do make-and-takes and allow people to test drive R/C trucks. We also try to attend the local Cub Scout/Boy Scout Troops' rocket launches.

Bob Scott, Credit Valley Railway Company, Mississauga, Ont., said:
A "Summer Heat" sale. A mid-summer clearance sale of slow-moving merchandise to make room for new products released in the fall.

Roy Ballard, Loose Caboose Hobbies, Napa, Calif., replied:

We are thinking about a summer reading book club for Games Workshop's Warhammer novels.

Peter Grant, Ted's Hobby Shop, Pointe Claire, Q.C., said:
We recently had a radio control aircraft static display in our parking lot with one of our local clubs (West Island Model Aircraft Club). The show was a great success. Many club members were in attendance with many different airplanes and helicopters. Many new people were introduced to the hobby of flying with the use of a computer simulator. It was a great day for the future of the club and my store. Many eager young modelers asking for birthday presents!

Rick Chin of Uncle Bill's Hobby, Calgary, Alta., said:
Going to air shows.
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