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What business activity takes the most time to do every week and why?

In March, we asked hobby retailers what business activity takes the most time to do each week and why. To read more, check out the May 2012 issue of Model Retailer.
Published: April 11, 2012
Kimberly Miller-Gordon of Turn 4 Hobbies, West Boylston, Mass., said:
Programming our POS computer as orders come in and entering the orders in the POS system take the most time every week. We don't have a system that is compatible with Horizon's or Great Planes' downloads, so we have to enter all information manually. On the ordering end, our system tells us what we need to re-order, but again, we have to manually enter it into the suppliers' online ordering systems. We are looking into the more expensive POS systems that "talk" directly to Horizon, but our finances have limited us on making the investment. Until the economy turns around, fat-finger programming will have to do!

Scott Thorne of Castle Perilous Games, Carbondale, Ill., responded:

Processing invoices. We break down each invoice into categories and enter them into Quickbooks. Generally, we collect a week's worth of invoices and enter them in one batch, meaning it takes a couple of hours to process them all.

Rick Chin of Uncle Bill's Hobby, Calgary, Alta., had this to say:
Educating customers to build their models instead of looking forward to "what is coming next." This mentality is taking up the time they should be using to enjoy their hobby and build a model instead of talking about models. It is killing the hobby.

Scott Millican of Elm City Hobbies, Hanwell, N.B., said:
Keeping my customers updated on new kits coming soon and new kits recently released.

Kirby Cranford, K/C Hobby, Archdale, N.C., responded:
Waiting on customers. We take extra time to help our customers with all their needs. Service sells more product than anything else.

Anthony Furfferi, Empire Comics, Rochester, N.Y., said:
Entering the incoming merchandise list that we e-mail to our customers on a weekly basis. We keep them in tune that way.
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