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What has been your most effective retail display idea?

In February, we asked hobby retailers what has been their most effective retail display idea. To read more, check out the April 2012 issue of Model Retailer.
Published: March 12, 2012
Jeph Coppley of ZNZ Hobbies, Lexington, N.C., said:
I face as much product as physically possible. I try to treat all the shelves and walls as endcap displays. By choosing to have variety versus quantity, I can display more product. It's becoming more difficult though as I am running out of room.

Brian Kelly of Kelly's Kaboose, The Railway Store, Kamloops, B.C., said:
Our Christmas window with lots of trains and Thomas the Tank Engine.

Jerry Anderson, Jass Collectibles, Red Deer, Alta., responded:
I change my front window display every week or so. Every couple of weeks I'll change the eye level product around to keep things looking fresh and new.

Scott Millican, Elm City Hobbies, Hanwell, N.B., said:
Vallejo paint racks and Revell's Preferred Customer Merchandiser.

James Corley of AAA Hobby Supply, Marietta, Ga., had this to say:
By far the best display scheme we ever used was the dedicated shelf at the front of the store with all the recent releases. It gives the customers a place to answer for themselves the eternal question of "what's new?"

Dick Christ, Hobby Depot, Tempe, Ariz., responded:
We have new products on endcaps at the front of the store.

William Romanowksi, AAA Hobbies, Magnolia, N.J., said:
Put as much as you can by the door!

Jim Donlon of Train Town & Hobby, Ashland, Va., replied:
A four-tier train window display.

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