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What was your best-selling product during the holidays and why (features, price, etc.)?

In January, we asked hobby retailers what their best-selling product was during the holidays and why. To read more, check out the March 2012 issue of Model Retailer.
Published: February 13, 2012
Tim Foster of HobbyTown USA, College Station, Texas, said:
The new Helion Dominus and Animus R/C cars. The features included with these cars at the price point is unbeatable!

Donald Johnson of Don's Hobby Shop, Everett, Wash, replied:
Scalextric American Champions slot car set.

Richard Ridolfo, Brentwood Antiques, Hampton Falls, N.H. said:
Track, trees and landscaping. People were working on layouts or setting them up for the holidays.

Allen Fenton of Al's Train & Hobby LLC, Bedford, Ohio, responded:
Lionel train sets. I guess it's because people like a train for around the Christmas tree. Lionel has been the one they remember from days past. The second item was slot car sets, for the same reasons.

John Brown of Brownie's Pro & Sport Hobbies, Staten Island, N.Y., had this to say:
This season we seemed to move more RTR cars and trucks than last year. The electric helis still did well, but I think the cars and trucks outsold them this year. This was the opposite last year. As to why, I would have to say the features on the cars that sold best were the reason, such as 2.4GHz radios and brushless motors as standard equipment.

Clarence Ragland, ABC Fly Before You Buy Hobby, Lockport, N.Y., said:
R/C airplanes and helicopters. I provide excellent customer service and guaranteed flight instruction. Also, I provide a setup and repair service for all vehicles.

Mike Duncan of River Eagle Hobbies, Boonville, Mo., said:
Traxxas Stampede. Many people wanted to get one good gift instead of many low-dollar items.

Pat Barcello, Columbus Trains & Hobby, Columbus, N.J., replied:
White's Metal Detectors. Not sure why, except the price of gold is high.

Eddie Tucker of Ground Control Hobbies, Joshua Tree, Calif., responded:
The Electrix Circuit and Torment R/C cars have an excellent price point and are solid machines. The Nine Eagles Draco and Solo nano helis were a surprise, and we had three sellouts before Christmas.

Don Dietz, D&S Hobbies, Florence, S.C., had this to say:
Buckyballs sold very fast, but I didn't stock too many because I knew the demand would go away after Christmas. You knew this was just a fad item. I sold a ton of 3.5-channel China-made helicopters. People loved the flashing lights and metal frames, plus cheap price even though the Blade Scout flies better. Marty from Imex had R/C cars in a soda can, which sold better than I thought they would. When I went back for more, they were out of stock until spring. Great stocking stuffers!

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