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What have you changed in the last two years to keep your operations costs down?

In October, we asked hobby retailers what changes they made in the last two years to keep their operations costs down. To read more, check out the December 2011 issue of Model Retailer.
Published: November 7, 2011
Anthony Furfferi from Empire Comics, Rochester, N.Y., said:
I've increased prices online to stay competitive with others. You don't always need to lower prices, just offer good service.

Larry Lillo at Holly Beach Train Depot, Wildwood, N.J., said:
Better control of inventory and spending.

Bill Henwood from Paris Junction Hobbies, Paris, Ont., wrote:

Our move to a larger facility and increase in sales has allowed us to order in quantities where discounts apply, and one of our suppliers has decreased freight rates for us. We especially appreciate the suppliers who have web ordering because it saves us staff time.

Brent Goff at Old Town Hobby Shoppe, Lewisville, Texas, responded:

I'm new in business and am the sole employee so cost is not a problem at this time with operations. I'm closing in on what most of my customers' interests are and at this point it's plastics and railroad. I've learned not to keep products in stock that are not moving, and I refer customers to other sources when the need arises.

Geri McCarty from El Centro Hobby, Inc., El Centro, Calif., said:
I'm ordering more often and not keeping too much stock in the back room.

Steve Machan at Machan Home Hardware and Home Furniture, Goderich, Ont., responded:
Duplicated inventory has been reduced.

Sandra Zednik from Parma Hobby, Parma, Ohio, had this to say:
Don't buy too much too far ahead. Keep stock rather than even keel. Make sure all the basics are always full: paint, wood, plastic stock (Evergreen), K&S racks, etc. I started ordering twice a week.
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