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What is your holiday sales outlook?

In July, we asked hobby retailers what their holiday sales outlook was for the latter part of 2011. Here are some of their responses. To read more, check out the September 2011 issue of Model Retailer.
Published: August 9, 2011

Jerry Anderson from Jass Collectibles in Red Deer, Alta., said:
Good. It’s taken a couple years, but I now have a solid base of repeat customers and collectors.

Scott Thorne, owner of Castler Perilous Games in Cabondale, Ill., responded:
Halloween we expect to do pretty well as we always have a strong program of events for the month of October. Oh, you mean Christmas. Since our sales have been strong so far this year, up about 5% over 2010, we expect to see this trend continue through the Christmas season. Our sales are never as big as other stores, however, because we are located in a college town about half the population leaves three weeks before the actual holiday.

Brian Kelly at Kelly's Kaboose, Kamloops, B.C., had this to say:
Good coming into the summer season. We’ve had good tourist traffic.


Lindy Woody from Military Hobbies, Orange, Calif., wrote:

Bleak. More and more of our customers are losing their jobs (in some cases the entire company is leaving California) and can't find work. We tried to qualify for some of the "stimulus" money but we were told that of our employees were union there would be funds to help us put more people to work.

Thanks to these and all of the other retailers who answered the What's Selling Survey!

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