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Stretch your TV advertising dollars on the Internet

By Hal Miller
Published: May 5, 2011
Ok, so you have a TV commercial. What else can you do with it besides run it on the tube?

Putting the video of your commercial online is a good way to stretch the reach of your message. The price is entirely reasonable, too: it's free.

YouTube is the Internet's most popular video hosting site, getting 2 billion views per day. There are also other similar sites: Vimeo Meta Cafe, Brightcove, Viddler and You can also put video on the social networking site Facebook.

On YouTube, your business can have its own channel – basically a home page hosting all your videos that can be branded for your store. You can use the analytics tools to gauge what effect your video is having.

If you don't have a commercial yet, check out the story on TV advertising in the June 2011 issue of Model Retailer.
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