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Holiday Gift Guides

By Tim Kidwell
Published: December 1, 2010

One of the coolest ideas I’ve seen thus far this holiday season, and perhaps one of the most obvious, are the gift guides that the EndGame in Oakland, Calif., has created. In three guides, the folks at EndGame have put together suggestions for kids, staff recommendations, and classic games that are sure to please.

Of course, the idea for a product guide isn’t a new one. Big-box stores put out flyers all of the time. However, you don’t often see independent hobby or specialty stores doing it, when they really should. Putting together a low-resolution PDF of your product guide allows you to include it or a link to it on your website with your next e-mail newsletter. Making a hi-res version of the guide lets you print out (either on your business printer or at a professional print shop) hardcopies to include with purchases.

The beauty of the gift guide is that you can use it to prod customers to come into the store. It is also a tool for starting conversations about the products you carry and highlight the ones that you think are the best, which is important for generating sales. Plus, there is the chance that your product guide will get passed on to another potentially interested party.

If you’re a store who is already doing something like this, good for you! If not, check out what the EndGame is doing and consider putting together your own gift guides reflecting the products you think will make great gifts for the sort of customers you serve.

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