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Thinking Big in the U.K.

By Hal Miller
Published: August 12, 2010
In September, Silverstone race track, northwest of London, will open the world’s first R/C model, slot-car and virtual racing destination, called Moto Arena.

If you’re not familiar with Silverstone, it’s as familiar to residents of the United Kingdom as Indianapolis Motor Speedway is to Americans. It hosts Formula 1 and motorcycle races, and attracts thousands of motorsports enthusiasts each year.

Attractions will include a world-class outdoor R/C competition track; the world’s largest permanent indoor R/C track; plus off-road tracks for trucks and tanks and a dedicated heli flying area. It will also boast the world’s largest 8-lane slot-car racing track (For more info, visit

Visitors will be able to rent R/C vehicles at the facility. On-site instructors will be available to teach how to operate the vehicles.

I’m not sure who footed the bill for this project, but it’s obviously someone who thinks there’s money to be made doing it. In addition to it being open to the public, it’s also selling memberships for anywhere from $115 to about $950 per year.

Now, can you imagine something like that at Indy? Or Daytona or Talladega? I certainly can. Can you imagine the number of people who might be exposed to these hobbies for the first time?

Maybe we can get someone to think big here, too. And soon.
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