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Kizer & Bender 2009 iHobby Seminar: 25 Top Tips to Survive in a Tough Retail Economy

By Tim Kidwell
Published: March 8, 2010
Rich Kizer and Georganne Bender help small-business people all over the country. The first episode of their 2009 iHobby Expo seminar, 25 Top Tips to Survive in a Tough Retail Economy is here. Click here to watch!

Each Monday, for the next eight weeks, a new episode of the seminar will be released, each with a running time of about 10 minutes.

We hope you find them helpful!
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If someone isn't interested in say, trains, board games, plastic kits, etc., no amount of promotion and advertising will change their minds. I've found that if you do what auto dealers do, that is let the customer take a test drive, the sale is made. That is what I do and can show other hobby shop owners how to do the same. I am quite certain that millions of people are at least curious about flying RC aircraft, but the fear of failure (crashing) keeps them out of the hobby/sport.

The industry including AMA collectively have been and are currently losing literally millions of dollars on a regular basis. Seems like everyone would turn over ever rock to find a solution.
Excellent!! Please keep them coming. Very informative.

It's too bad that the industry has no choice but to depend solely on the non profit oriented RC flying club system to handle all of the hands-on promoting. That system has proven to be quite unproductive. Unfortunately, there is no solution to this problem.
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