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Super Glue's Accutool handy and mess-free

By Hal Miller
Published: February 4, 2010
Super Glue Accutool packaging
Super Glue Accutool
We received a box the other day from Super Glue Corporation/Pacer Technology with several product samples and items to use them on. The samples included some waterproof epoxy (handy for boat modelers), small tubes of Super Glue Gel (good for lots of things) and the new Accutool application device.

The latter piqued my interest most. As you can see from the photos it comes carded and ready to hang on pegboard. The applicator itself fits in the palm of your hand, contains 5 grams of Super Glue (cyanoacrylate; appears to be medium viscosity), and is pretty cool looking. The card says the tool can dispense a drop at a time or a continuous stream.

Having had my share of run-ins with bottles of CA and sticking my fingers together more times than I care to remember, I was intrigued.

Getting the Accutool operational is as easy as tightening the cap all the way, which punctures the seal. A side benefit is, after use, the pin in the cap keeps the tip from clogging.

I used the Accutool to glue a couple of thin K&S Engineering aluminum roofing sheets together. True to its claims, the tool dispenses a drop at a time — actually less than what I’d consider a drop if you have a deft touch on the dispensing button. I haven’t found anything yet I need a continuous stream for, but I could see it being handy when joining walls made of styrene or resin. You could lay a nice long, consistent bead of CA to not only stick the walls together, but also to fill any gaps between them.

The Accutool I used is Stock No. 19025; a version filled with Super Glue Gel is No. 19026. Both retail for around $5. Here’s the Super Glue site for more information.

This is an excellent item to keep around the cash register or in sections of the store where your customers might need CA. Let your customers know it will help them avoid sticky fingers.

Hal Miller, editor

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