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Microscale discontinues Genessee & Wyoming decals

Companies working to make a deal
Published: April 10, 2017
Microscale logo
Microscale Industries recently announced that it would no longer be selling Genessee & Wyoming (GW) decals.

The following decals have been discontinued:
  • 87-1501 Genesee & Wyoming (GW) Canada Region Shortlines
  • 87-1502 Genesee & Wyoming (GW) Extra Stripes and Numbers
  • 87-955 Buffalo & Pittsburgh, Genesee & Wyoming, Rochester & Southern Diesels (1989+)- Diesel
  • 87-1426 Genesee & Wyoming (GW)-Western Operators & Shortlines
  • 87-1445 Genesee & Wyoming (GW) Mid-Western Division Shortlines and Operators
  • 87-1472 Genesee & Wyoming (GW) - Ohio Valley Division Shortlines & Operators

Michael Williams, vice president of corporate communications, said, “Microscale Industries has been using G&W’s trademark in its commerce without permission. Failure to act in such cases could lead to negative ramifications for G&W with respect to its trademark protection.

“We have been working cooperatively with several companies in the hobby industry that have contacted us for permission to use our trademark so that model decals will continue to be available from authorized vendors.”

Microscale responded that it is in contact with G&W and hopes to reach an agreement that will benefit both of them.