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Kranitz releases RC FlightDeck 2.0

Published: March 12, 2013
Pictured is the RC Flight Deck homescreen.
Kranitz Enterprises, Inc., a leading software developer in the radio-control hobby space since 2001, announced March 10 the release of RC FlightDeck Version 2.0.

FlightDeck is “the very first system to do a whole list of things that our hobby previously did manually or very inefficiently through spread sheets and discussion forums,” said CEO Michael Kranitz in a press release.

Clubs and large event organizers have been jumping on the system, according to the release from the company. At the time of the release, more than 500 organizations had enrolled on the FlightDeck system.

“RC FlightDeck saved my bacon!” said Castle Creations’ Steve Rogers in the release. Last year, Rodgers was put in charge of the large helicopter event Heli Extravaganza. “I used RC FlightDeck and it enabled me to do everything I needed in time for the event.”

Brian O’Meara, who runs the Denver-based Warbirds Over the Rockies will be using the system for the group’s 2013 event and employing the spectator ticket selling feature that lets organizers sell personally identifiable, bar-coded tickets online that are printable like airline boarding passes.

Kranitz envisions RC FlightDeck unifying the entire flying hobby around a single syndicated event network so that event promoters can post their event once and have it seen on hundreds of partner websites that host the free FlightDeck event module. Pilots would no longer have to dig through discussion forums to locate events; they would simply visit or another website that hosts the calendar to locate and register for events. Pilots who register for any event on the system never have to re-enter their information to register for any other event. 

Kranitz likens the current methods of event registration to “a trip back in time to visit your doctor, where you get to fill out a paper form and do it every time you come in.”

Greg Poppel, who acts as a contest director for several large events each year said in the release that he viewed RC FlightDeck as “a complete game-changer for the hobby.”

With the only search tools of its kind in the entire industry, according to the release, RC FlightDeck lets visitors not only filter events as they type in a name, location or event category, but also stretch, squeeze or slide a graphical timeline that further filters events by date. More adventurous users can narrow their event search by radius, location, event host, sanction status and more.

But Kranitz said the real power lies inside the event management tools. “Within a few clicks, an event coordinator can print a comprehensive pilot list, an aircraft list, address label sheets, a pilot check-in list, and an announcer’s sheet with pilot bios and aircraft,” he said.

Event hosts can still accept paper registrations and quickly enter them into the system, which funnels the manual entries into the host’s unified management system. Kranitz said the system can also handle any type of fee.

Any RC website is free to host the FlightDeck event module, and events show up on all partner modules. “The more sites that host the calendar, the more effective the network is at getting the word out on events,” Kranitz said. “It gives your website fresh new content automatically and helps match your customers with events they might like to attend.”

RC FlightDeck is hosted by FlyRC Magazine, Hobby Lobby, DuBro,, Hobbico, Frank Tiano Enterprises, 3DForums, and hundreds of club websites that not only host the calendar but also use it for their private club events, according the press release.

Kranitz said he hopes to generate revenue by selling sponsorships and targeted ad placements. “We know everything about every event on the system,” he said, “so we can target commercial messages quite effectively.”