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MTH issues product advisory on RailKing Imperial Pennsylvania S-2 Turbine Locomotive

Published: September 19, 2012

MTH Electric Trains has advised all customers who have purchased the recently shipped 2011 Volume 1 RailKing Pennsylvania S-2 Turbine Proto-Sound 3.0 equipped steam locomotive to cease operating the locomotive due to a missing component that will eventually interrupt communication between the locomotive tender and locomotive boiler.

A service kit has been developed and sent to MTH Authorized Retailers that sold the locomotives. The kit will allow service centers and customers to install the missing component. The kit will be distributed at no charge to any service center or customer who purchased the affected locomotives (Item Nos. 30-1560-1, 30-1561-1), according to MTH.

The component kit will include the necessary parts and instructions on how to conduct the upgrade. Installation of the parts requires light soldering skills. Instructions for installing the fix can be found here. Customers may also return the tender to a service center for warranty repair. Customers who intend to conduct the repair themselves should contact the MTH Authorized Retailer from where the locomotive was purchased to request the kit.

Any MTH Authorized Retailer that ordered the RailKing Imperial S-2 Turbine from MTH after Sept. 17 will not need to perform the service fix on those locomotives, as all in-stock units have been updated, according to MTH.