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Venom to rebrand R/C operations as Atomik RC

By Nick Bullock
Published: March 16, 2012

Vertical Partners West LLC, parent company of popular brand Venom, announced today that Venom’s radio-controlled model and accessory operations will be rebranded as Atomik RC. The brand Venom will now focus solely on its rapidly growing battery and charger business.

The rebranding will allow Venom to grow its base of non-hobby customers while Atomik RC expands its range of radio-controlled models.

“Although Venom was born a radio-controlled model brand, after 11 years, it’s become primarily known for its leadership in rechargeable batteries both in and outside the R/C model industry,” VPW Co-President Clint Bower said in a release.

In recent years, Venom has used its battery expertise and factory relationships to serve a wide range of clients, from model hobby and consumer electronics manufacturers to Hollywood studios and motorsports teams.

The move was made so that both the battery portion and the radio-controlled model portion of the company could focus on their strengths, said Keith Wallace, VPW director of sales and marketing. “I just think it allows both sides of the equation to get the attention that they deserve,” he said.

Atomik RC was a brand first introduced to the radio-controlled model industry in the late 1990s with a product line of pre-painted model car bodies. VPW acquired the brand in 2006, later merging its products into Venom.

“Batteries and radio-controlled models, though commonly used together, are two entirely different product categories and require different approaches in their engineering, development, and marketing,” Wallace said.