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Slixx Decals going out of business

By Nick Bullock
Published: February 2, 2012
Slixx Decals, a well-known aftermarket model decal manufacturer, has announced it will stop production.

The announcement came Feb. 1 via the company’s website and Facebook page. Slixx will finish a few final production sheets before closing, and then it will sell off its existing inventory, owners Gene and Becky Sisemore said on the Slixx website.

“The market is just declining so much,” Gene Sisemore said in a phone interview. “… Five years ago we could sell 2,000 drag racing decals no problem. Now we can’t even sell 250.”

The market decline stems from the lack of interest from younger generations, he said.

“Kids would rather play with their PlayStation 2s or computers instead of making something with their own hands,” Sisemore said.

But despite the shrinking demand for Slixx products, many outspoken Slixx fans expressed their disappointment over the company’s closing on its Facebook page.

“It’s just been an amazing outpouring of thoughts missing the business going away,” Sisemore said. “It sounds like it is going to be a product that’s going to be missed.”

Slixx, based out of Canton, Ga., was founded in 1993. It broke into the industry by producing both NASCAR and drag racing decals. Slixx ended production of its NASCAR line in 2003 and focused on drag racing and graphics sheets.