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Business Basics - Effective Window Displays

By Melanie McIntosh
Published: December 14, 2010
An empty store window is a blank canvas. An opportunity. A potential sales tool. A creative showcase.

A blank canvas is also intimidating. Your mind fills with questions: Where do I start? What do I put in the window? How do I make it interesting?

Great art gives us a formula that makes window displays easier. An artist doesn't put all of his ideas in one painting. A painting usually conveys only one main idea.

A store window works the same way. Amateurs try to show all of their products in one window display. Professionals start with one message to convey throughout the display. Once you have one theme, you can use other artist techniques to put the display together.

There are three key design elements artists use to create paintings. When you understand them, you can use them to create great displays time and time again.

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