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Better Business - Make a Good Website

A website has become a necessity in today's marketplace, but focus on attracting customers, not competing against e-tailers

By Brendan Boyle
Published: October 14, 2010
I am not a website designer. I am also not one to set up Constant Contact e-mail lists and safeguards against broken links that take you to “under construction” pages that sit idly on my to-do list.

What I am is an owner of a comic and game shop that knows what I want to find when I visit a website.

Being part of the brick-and-mortar hobby industry, like most businesses today, means there is a near-absolute chance that everything you sell can be bought online for a fraction of what you sell it for in your store. Simply, this means that unless you plan to host a website with bargain basement prices and shopping carts that rival Amazon, your time and direction has got to be more profitably spent making your site reflect what your store is to you and your regulars: a unique and appealing place to visit that fulfills the interests and needs of your customers.

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