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Special Report - Slot Car Success

A little knowledge and playing to the segment's advantages can make slot cars a speed seller in any hobby store.

By Tim Kidwell
Published: September 14, 2010
Independent retailers are as relevant to the slot car hobby segment now as they have ever been. Arguably, hobby shops could be more important to the segment than ever before.

Slot cars -- or model racing cars, as some in the hobby prefer to call them -- have a lot to offer, from exquisite scale looks, thrilling speed, competition, and even the ability race in groups of six or more on a two-lane track with digital sets. Each manufacturer has its proprietary chassis and motors. Added to the numbers of cars available, it can leave customers feeling as if they are standing in a haze of exhaust fumes and tire smoke.

This wide range of sometimes confusing choices make hobby shops a primary venue for slot car hobbyists, and those who are potential enthusiasts. Slot cars need not nor should be relegated to the nostalia dust bin, because the segment has seen its popularity grow over the past 10 years and the number of stores carrying cars, track, sets and parts remains solid.

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