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Losi TEN-Rally X RTR

By Matt Gunn
Published: February 14, 2014
Losi TEN-Rally X RTR
Product: Rally cars are a big hit these days. Just as short-course trucks changed our perception of scale looks vs. track performance, the rally car makes us question why we need huge departure angles and faux beadlock wheels just to be competitive. As more people show up to the race track driving hatchbacks outfitted with knobby tires, the rally car has become everything the short-course truck was back in 2007: poised to take over market share and force local tracks to redesign their racing classes.

The TEN-Rally X from Losi is contributing to that trend, sporting some of the latest advancements in radio-control technology along with a massive Lexan body that makes you wonder if this is truly a 1:10-scale vehicle. Based on the battle-tested TEN-SCTE short-course platform, the TEN-Rally X does not cut corners in reliability and performance. But one of its most intriguing features is its Active Vehicle Control (AVC) technology. Designed to assist the driver in negotiating wide, sweeping turns at terminal velocity, AVC is more of a helpful feature than a hindrance, allowing you to slide through turns and launch hard without spinning out.

The TEN-Rally X features a Dynamite Fuze 1:8-scale sensorless system with a 130-amp waterproof ESC and 3,900-Kv four-pole brushless motor. This system is capable of burning the tires off the rims when powered by a 4S LiPo pack, the rated maximum number of cells. As tested, with a Speedpack Platinum 7.4-volt, 5,200-mAh 2S 50C LiPo, the TEN-Rally X is still powerful and an absolute blast to drive. The AVC stability system makes driving much more pleasurable; power-induced spinouts are nonexistent, replaced by beautifully controlled power slides. The AVC system can be dialed up or down to enhance the level of stability, or turned off completely for racing or to experience the classic style of driving au naturel.

The rally-inspired tires provide great forward and lateral traction on hardpack dirt and asphalt and hold up well to abuse. Even after some intense sliding on the pavement, the low-profile tread design showed no signs of wear. Run times are right around 12 minutes, with the motor being slightly hot to the touch post-run.

Marketing: The TEN-Rally X comes ready to go, minus a battery pack and charger. The Speedpack Platinum 7.4-volt, 5,200-mAh 2S 50C LiPo from Dynamite (No. DYNP4000EC) provides a great compromise between power and affordability. The Prophet Sport 35-watt LiPo charger from Dynamite (No. DYNC2005, MSRP $39.99) is an inexpensive way to get the TEN-Rally X out of the box and driving. However, the pricier Passport Ultraforce 200-watt AC/DC charger (No. DYN4105, MSRP $149.99) is just the ticket for adding some value at the point-of-sale. Keep a few different types of LiPo battery packs in stock for customers who want higher voltage and higher performance.

As with all current Losi products, the box is a great advertising tool and should be displayed prominently for easy reading and handling by customers. The box isn’t much wider than the TEN-Rally X, so it won’t take up a lot of real estate. Because of the AVC technology inside, you should be prepared for a barrage of questions about what Active Vehicle Control actually does. Take some time to read up on this new feature [see “Is this the future of R/C?” on page 16], drive the TEN-Rally X for yourself, or sacrifice one from stock as a demo vehicle. Once a customer experiences the AVC system for himself, closing the sale should be a lot easier.

Product: TEN-Rally X RTR
Maker: Losi
Scale: 1:10
Stock number: LOS03000
MSRP: $599.99
Availability: Horizon Hobby

• AVC technology is a winner
• Proven chassis and drivetrain
• Tires hook up on asphalt and dirt