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Product Lab - March 2006

Published: February 20, 2006
Team Losi's LST2 big on everything
Reviewed by Andy Lilienthal

Product: Let's make one basic generalization: Large radio-controlled, nitro-powered vehicles that go really fast and can survive a three-foot drop without bottoming out are really, really cool!

Enter Team Losi's new LST2 - a 1:10 nitro-powered "super truck." Everything about this truck is big: the LST2 comes with a powerful Mach 427 engine with tuned exhaust system, large anodized height-adjustable mega shock absorbers and 420-series dish wheels. The truck weighs 13 pounds and is 18.5 inches wide with a 14.2-inch wheelbase.

The LST2 is ready-to-run, too. It comes with a JR XS3 synthesized computer FM radio, two Z590 servos for steering, a Z270 servo for throttle and brake and an 1100 mAH Ni-MH battery pack for the electrics.

Other features include a four-wheel-drive with center hi/lo transmission; a slipper clutch and two differentials; full ball bearings and low-profile racing tires. These features, an aerodynamic prepainted body and speeds of more than 40 mph out of the box equal one impressive machine.

Product: LST2
Maker: Team Losi
Scale: 1:10
Product number: LOSB0015
MSRP: $999.99
Availability: Horizon Hobby

  • Impressive size and performance
  • Excellent durability
  • Easily upgradable

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    Alco DL-109 fits N scale fine
    Reviewed by Jeff Wilson

    Product: Alco's distinctive pre-World War II DL-109 passenger engine is the subject of this nicely rendered model from Proto N by Walthers. The real DL locomotives, built from 1940-1945, were Alco's answer to Electro-Motive's popular E units.

    The road names offered reflect prototype railroads that actually bought DL-109, and although the 1:1 locomotives share the same basic body, there were minor variations among orders, mainly involving the style of the upper headlight and nose trim plates. The model's nose most closely resembles the real Santa Fe locomotive.

    Product: Alco DL-109 diesel
    Maker: Proto N by Walthers
    Scale: N
    Road names: (all products have 920- prefix) Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe (No. 7701), Chicago & North Western (No. 7704), Gulf, Mobile & Ohio (Nos. 7706, 7707), Milwaukee Road (Nos. 7716, 7727), New York, New Haven & Hartford (Nos. 7729, 7737), Rock Island (Nos. 7738, 7741), Southern (Nos. 7743, 7756) and undecorated (No. 7757).
    MSRP: $105

  • Good slow-speed performance
  • Distinctive subject
  • Quality paint and lettering

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    Load livestock with GC Laser's cattle chute
    Reviewed by Hal Miller

    Product: GC Laser Innovations came onto the market last year with a number of well-made laser-cut structure kits and details in HO, N, S and Z scale. This kit marks the company's entry into O scale.

    The model is based on an actual cattle-loading ramp in Wyoming. It would be at home on any model railroad that includes cattle as part of its traffic mix.

    The kit consists of 74 laser-cut pieces, plus Grandt Line nut-bolt-washer castings. The instructions are easy to follow and include isometric drawings.

    Product: Stock Loading Ramp
    Maker: GC Laser Innovations
    Scale: O
    Stock number: 3225
    MSRP: $32.99

  • Excellent parts fit
  • An often overlooked layout detail
  • Operation adds interest

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    SCX's multi-function Pit Box is a hit
    Reviewed by Andy Lilienthal

    Product: If your customers own an SCX Digital System track and want to add another variable to the racing action, point them in the direction of SCX's Pit Box. This item adds multiple features, including fuel management, brake control, lap counting, a qualifying mode and the ability to double the number of racers on the track! The unit comes with a pit lane allowing racers to change lanes to get into the pit, too. If your customers do not have a digital set, SCX offers an entire set, including the Pit Box, for $449.99.

    Product: SCX Digital Pit Box
    Maker: SCX
    Scale: 1:32
    Stock number: 25060
    MSRP: $149.99

  • Lots of features
  • Ability to customize cars
  • Allows up to six cars at once

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    Scalextric brings Schumacher's F1 ride to slots
    Reviewed by Andy Lilienthal

    Product: Formula One is arguably the world's most popular form of motorsport, so it makes perfect sense for Scalextric to replicate one of the most popular subjects from the genre, the No. 1 Ferrari as driven by Michael Schumacher.

    Product: Ferrari F2004
    Maker: Scalextric
    Scale: 1:32
    Stock number: C2676
    MSRP: $42.99

  • Excellent performance
  • Good looks
  • Well-known F1 subject

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    Ninco's NSX is more than just a pretty car
    Reviewed by Mark Savage

    Product: This gold-and-red No. 16 Honda NSX (Acura NSX in the 1:1 U.S. car market) comes with Dunlop Direzza and Ebbro markings. The car races in the Japan GT Championship where Toyota Supra, Honda NSX, Nissan 350Z and other such racers square off on road courses. The Direzza is Dunlop's new high-tech racing tire, so you'd expect this model to have some grip if it's going to live up to its name.

    Swathed in a bright gold paint job, this baby is sharp looking accented by its red roof and wide red rear spoiler. Its color makes the NSX easy to keep track of while racing too. Logos are crisp too, adding to the car's realism.

    Likewise, the white-uniformed driver inside looks good with a red helmet and a red fire extinguisher next to him. Ninco even goes to the trouble of decaling the dash gauges even though they're tough to see in the side windows, each of which has three molded-in air ducts. The red mirrors are solid too, so less likely to break off.

    Lights are separately molded in to look more realistic, and there are little winglets on the front spoiler, too. I love the big engine air scoop that sticks up over the roof in back and Ninco delivers nicely detailed wheels with a brushed metal look.

    Product: Honda NSX "Direzza"
    Maker: Ninco
    Scale: 1:32
    Stock number: 50387
    MSRP: $49.98
    Availability: MRC

  • Gorgeous gold body
  • Super acceleration
  • Better-than-average grip

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    Blade CX brings ease, joy to first-time heli pilots
    Reviewed by Jim Schweder, with Jim Faber

    Product: The Blade CX is the new, easier-to-fly cousin of E-flite's Blade CP. What the CX offers over its older, more aerobatic cousin is a better introduction to R/C helicopter flying with an included instructional DVD and a coaxial, counter-rotating blade rotor head above the main rotor to offer better stability and positive control than the CP's tail blade.

    The Blade CX comes ready to fly. It is powered by dual 180-sized motors and a 800mAh two-cell Li-Poly battery pack that offers low weight and enough power for long (10 minute) flights. The helicopter is controlled by a four-channel 82MHz transmitter, E-flite S75 servos and a four-in-one control unit.

    The counter-rotating blades make the CX more stable by canceling out the rotational torque that makes hovering difficult in typical helicopters. The counter-rotating blades also make turns easier by slowing down one of the blades without tampering with the Blade CX's stability.

    The Blade CX is already one of the most requested R/C helicopters on the market.

    Product: Blade CX micro helicopter
    Maker: E-flite
    Stock number: EFLH1200
    MSRP: $249.99
    Availability: Horizon Hobby

  • Strong introduction material
  • Easy, cheap replacement parts
  • A joy to fly

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