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AMA launches public awareness campaign

Published: October 30, 2015

The Academy of Model Aeronautics is welcoming the next generation of aviation enthusiasts with a public awareness campaign called Discover Flight. With more than 187,000 members across the globe, the AMA hopes that more people will join them and increase the interest in flight.

There are more than 2,400 flying clubs and 3,000 flying fields associated with the AMA located throughout the continental U.S. It is the largest and oldest association of its kind. According to Bob Brown, president of AMA, the club has changed a lot since it was established in 1936. “AMA has become an introduction to a new hobby or competitive sport, a launching pad for some of our world’s most intelligent minds, a gateway into some of the greatest career opportunities available and an avenue for some of the most advanced technology on the market today,” he says. “It really is an exciting time to be flying model aircraft.”

With new aviation technology, members are now flying a more diverse set of model aircraft than ever before—aircraft featuring advanced GPS and location tracking systems, high-tech video and photography capabilities, enhanced control features, and more. “With this campaign, we’re telling the public the story of AMA and how model aviation is evolving and shaping tomorrow’s leaders,” says Brown. 

Already, youth ages 19 and under fly for free at any AMA flying field and have access to innovative training opportunities, like AMA Flight School and Camp AMA. The association also recently launched UAS4STEM, a program encouraging students to explore the drone phenomenon. On top of this, they have provided nearly $1 million in scholarships to modelers since 1970.

With safety listed as their number-one priority, the club provides its members with updates on all flying rules and regulations so members fly with the knowledge and background they need to operate both safely and legally.

The AMA invites you to learn more about the association, sign up as a member and begin your journey to discovering flight today. To find out more, visit the Discover Flight website at