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Replicarz to deliver 1:43 scale Indy winners

By Mark Savage
Published: September 29, 2014
Replicarz 70 Colt side
Pictured is a preproduction model of the 1970 Indianapolis 500–winning P.J. Colt.
Replicarz 71 Colt side
The new 1:43 P.J. Colt cars, including this 1971 Indianapolis 500 winner, feature Johnny Lightning paint schemes.
Replicarz, the Vermont-based die-cast model distributor and maker of 1:18-scale IndyCar models, will deliver its first 1:43 Indy racers late this year.

Brian Fothergill of Replicarz said the company will have the 1970 and 1971 Indianapolis 500 winners, both driven by Al Unser, available in 1:43 scale and each will be priced at $89.99. The cars are both P.J. Colt designs, the P.J. in this case standing for Parnelli Jones, one of the cars’ team owners. The 1970 and ’71 winners, the last back-to-back Indy wins, were nearly identical cars, but with differing paint schemes. Both had Johnny Lightning (the die-cast toy brand) as a sponsor.

Replicarz provided Model Retailer with preproduction photos of the P.J. Colt cars.

In addition, Replicarz expects three Blue Crown Spark Plug Specials, which were driven to Indy 500 wins in three consecutive years, 1947–’49, at the same time. These, too, will be 1:43-scale. The 1947 and ’48 winner was Mauri Rose, who ultimately won Indy three times. The 1949 winner was his teammate, Bill Holland. Model Retailer has not received photos of the Blue Crowns yet.

In addition, after these latest releases, Replicarz will produce some 1:18-scale Indy winners, including one from the early years of the Indy 500. Fothergill said to stay tuned, as more is on the docket.