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New Stevens website feature points to dealers carrying Stevens' products

By Nick Bullock
Published: August 19, 2014
Hobbyists can now find out exactly which dealers have acquired the newest products from Stevens International.

The company announced its new Stevens Hobby And Retailers Enhanced Search (SHARES) on Aug. 19. When a users log on to Stevens’ website and search for a specific product, SHARES will provide a list of hobby stores in their area that have purchased the product in the past 90 days.

“SHARES is the ultimate in customer service,” President Michael Bass said. “Since we do not sell to the public through our website, this not only enables the hobbyist to locate a product at a nearby store, but it is also free promotion for our family of Stevens International dealers.”

Bass hopes SHARES will help bridge the gap between consumers seeking specific products and stores that carry those products.

“Hobbyists often don’t realize the depth of inventory many hobby shops have on their shelves,” he said.