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Simon inventor receives Lifetime Achievement Award

By Nick Bullock
Published: November 25, 2013
The Chicago Toy & Game Group honored pioneers of the toy and game industry with the Toy & Game Inventor of the Year (TAGIE) Awards Nov. 22 in Chicago.

Among the winners was Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Howard Morrison, co-founder of Big Monster Toys, according to a release from the Chicago Toy & Game Group. The Lifetime Achievement Award is a closed award category judged by experts.

Morrison is responsible for numerous top-selling toys: including the Super Sonic Power racers line, Bingo the Talking Bear, The Inchworm ride-on toy and, of course, Simon, on of the all-time best-selling handheld electronic games.

Morrison started his toy-creating career with Strombecker Corporation (TootsieToy) in 1963. He then worked for several years producing toys for Marvin Glass and Associates, becoming a partner in 1969. He eventually went on to cofound Breslow Morrison Terzian & Associations, or BMT Toys, which later changed its name to Big Monster Toys. Morrison retired from BMT in 1997.

“I can say without hesitation that if it hadn’t been for some of the products Howard created, there would have been no BMT, and there would have been no toy inventing culture in Chicago,” said Rouben Terzian, partner at BMT and MGA for a combined 33 years. “We owe a lot to Howard.”

Sean Mullaney, a designer at BMT, said, “Howard Morrison showed me how fun the toy business could be.”