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InterMountain weathers a storm

Colorado-based company sustains minor flood damage

By Nick Bullock
Published: September 20, 2013
Within about a 12-hour period starting on Sept. 11, central Colorado was hit with 6–10 inches of rain, according to a newsletter from InterMountain Railway Company.

The deluge quickly led to flooding on Sept. 12 in areas like Longmont, Colo., where InterMountain is based.

No fatalities were reported, according to the newsletter, but several homes were destroyed of homes and businesses were damaged.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who have suffered these devastating losses,” InterMountain Executive VP Frank Angstead said in the newsletter.

InterMountain took minimal damage compared to some of its neighbors, said Richard Frazier, Vice President of Marketing and Customer Service.

The company’s 11,500-square-foot facility is split into three levels, and only the 3,000-square-foot first level took on any water. The flooding at InterMountain reached about a foot at its highest point. The flooded area contained InterMountain’s machine shop and several offices, according to the newsletter.

Frazier said none of the company’s inventory was impacted and shipping was delayed for a few days only because of the two separate mandatory evacuations that lasted until Sept. 16 as the rain continued.

The water began to recede and the City of Longmont was able to reseal its riverbanks by Sept. 15, Frazier said.

In the days following, InterMountain quickly made tremendous progress in restoring its facility, Frazier said. One of the company’s tooling machines was up and running by Sept. 18, and he expected the rest of the cleanup to be done by the following week. InterMountain even used the flooding as an opportunity to do some remodeling, Frazier said.