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End of the line for Floquil and Polly Scale

Published: May 21, 2013
Testors has announced that it is ending its Floquil and Polly Scale lines of paints, including dozens of model-railroad specific colors. Testors will continue to take orders from retailers and ship paint for a limited time based on available quantities.

In addition to Floquil and Polly Scale, Testors is also ending its lines of Pactra and ColorArtz paints. Floquil paints are solvent-based, and Polly Scale acrylic paints are water-based.

Floquil has been a staple of model railroading for decades; the first advertisement for Floquil paint in Model Railroader was in 1947.

Testors will continue to produce products under the Testors, Model Master, and Aztek brands. Testors told Model Railroader magazine in an email that it has no plans to move colors from the Floquil and Polly Scale lines to another line. Testors noted that colors used for weathering and scenery can be found in Testors’ CreateFX line of paints.