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Tamiya updating labels

By Tim Kidwell
Published: February 4, 2011
Tamiya America
Tamiya America released a statement on Thursday concerning its efforts to update some of its products to comply with U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission standards. This is reflected mostly in label updates and not a reformulation of products. 

In the release, Tamiya says it recognizes and understands that distributors and retailers are having difficulties getting certain products, but is working as quickly as it can to bring all of its products into compliance. Items currently in the process of relabelling include:

Tamiya Acrylic Paint (813XX, 817XX, 815XX and 810XX); Tamiya Putty (87053 and 87095); Tamiya Cements (87012 and 87038); Tamiya Thinners (81520, 81020, 81030, 81040 and 87077); Tamiya Primers (87026, 87042, 87044, 87061, 87064, 87075 and 87096)

The anticipated re-release date for these products is April 2011.

Fred Medel, head of marketing for Tamiya America said that there will be a large backorder to fill when the supply line is back to 100%.

"As a former retailer, I would recommend to keep placing orders so you're not stuck in the back of the line when supply and shipping begin again," he said.