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Professional Game Store Association formed

By Tim Kidwell
Published: August 5, 2010
Under the guidance of Pat Fuge, owner of Gnome Games in Green Bay, Wis., he and 13 other hobby game retailers voted Aug. 4 to form the Professional Game Store Association (PGSA).

The newly formed retailer organization’s mission is to “promote and strengthen the business of hobby game retail stores by partnering with manufacturers, publishers and distributors and taking a leadership role in support of the hobby game community.”

In a closed-door debate lasting two hours, hobby game retailers who have been looking for more support in their hobby segment than what they felt was available with existing organizations gathered to air those grievances and discuss a way forward. The result is the PGSA.

Fuge made it explicitly clear that the PGSA is not an attempt to reduce or replace the Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA) or any other industry organization. The goal, he says, is to support the hobby game industry along with like-minded organizations. He also says two major manufacturers and two major distributors have pledged support.

The organization’s bylaws will be voted on at the Alliance Retailer Summit in Fort Wayne, Ind., Oct. 8–9. Criteria for membership will be discussed online after the chartering date, but membership will be limited to retailers. Manufacturers and distributors will not have a direct say in the PGSA’s internal workings.

Hobby game retailers are invited to sign on as a charter member at the ACD Game Day in Madison, Wis., Aug. 25–27 or online at through Sept. 15.