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Aerotech RMS hardware promotion

Published: May 6, 2010
Aerotech 29mm Reload Adapter System
Aerotech Consumer Aerospace recently announced its “29mm Special” RMS hardware promotion. It consists of an Aerotech 29mm Reload Adapter System (RAS) which includes a “floating” forward closure, a retaining ring, two standard case spaces and one extended case spacer (for use only with the 29/360 case).

The eight-piece set allows customers to fly 11 Aerotech 29mm RMS reload kits ranging from G to H class that are normally intended to fit three different length 29mm RMS motors. These reload kits vary in total impulse from 112 to 220 newton-seconds. An uncertified customer can fly G motor power using this set and then certify Level 1 with their choice of eight H-class Aerotech reloads.

MSRP for the 29mm Special is $59.99, a savings of $45 over the MSRP of the individual components, and $123 in savings when you consider the equivalent added utility of the RMS.

The promotion is for a limited time while supplies last. Aerotech is taking dealer preorders and expects to begin deliveries in two to three weeks. For more information, visit Aerotech's website.