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The joy of delegating

Don’t do it all: Delegating duties to others can be the key to the stress-free, ultra-productive work zone you’ve been striving for
By Claire Sykes
Published: December 14, 2015
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Anyone who runs a retail business knows you can’t do it all yourself. And there’s always more to do. In general, more and more is required of you and your store as you face increasing competition—from other hobby stores, big-box stores, the Internet and non-shopping activities. Everything from planning next week’s employee work schedule to setting next year’s sales goals takes some kind of action. And as your store grows, so does your workload. How can you possibly fit everything in? The answer is delegate!
But wait. Maybe you think you don’t need to delegate. You’ve been just fine all along handling everything yourself, right? You can do it! Well, you think you can. This assumption keeps many store owners and managers from assigning tasks to their employees—even if it means overloading themselves with work that others are more than capable of doing. Are you someone who dodges delegating?
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