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Is your store using video?

With customers searching online, and so many channels available to you, there are lots of ways for you to promote your business
By Debbie Swanson
Published: July 14, 2015
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Years ago, when people wanted to learn something new, they’d get a book or tag along with an experienced friend. Today they go online, do a quick search and launch a video.

With YouTube firmly in place as the world’s second-largest search engine, there’s no denying the importance of video in people’s everyday lives. Even “Vines” — video clips of no more than 10 seconds, typically posted to social media — are increasingly popular ways to quickly circulate a message.

For retailers, videos can be a simple, cost-efficient way to expand their marketing reach. Accessible 24/7, they can attract viewers from the other side of the globe or just a few miles from your storefront.
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