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Light Genie lighting effects controller

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By Steven Otte
Published: July 15, 2016
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MRC Light Genie
FIRST IMPRESSION: Adding special lighting effects like flashing signals, flickering gas lamps, warning strobes and rotating beacons to your model railroad has never been ­easier, thanks to Model Rect­ifier Corp.’s new Light Genie.

The compact receiver, about the size of a pack of gum, can control 12 light outputs, each of which can drive multiple bulbs or light-­emitting diodes (LEDs). The system is controlled with a 2.4GHz handheld remote that the manufacturer says will work through walls at a range of up to 90 feet.

Also included are wiring harnesses, resistors for use with lightbulbs and LEDs, batteries for the remote, mounting screws for the board, and a square of self-stick Velcro.

The system will work with almost any manufacturer’s light fixtures, ­including MRC’s own. Five sockets on the board ac-cept plugs on the wiring harnesses. Each corresponds to a lighting zone. Each zone can be assigned one of 20 available lighting ­effects programmed into the ­receiver board. With a few keypresses, a con­nected light can flash like an arc welder, blink like a strobe, flicker like a gas lamp, even build and fade like a lighthouse beacon. One of the coolest effects lets you set up two sets of traffic signals to show red in one direction while cross traffic has the green.

The obvious customer is model railroaders who want to control lighthouse beacons, marker strobes, gas lights and the like on their layouts. But the Light Genie’s versatility also makes it attractive to plastic-model builders who want to add lighting effects to car, aircraft or spaceship models. Thanks to MRC, their wish is the Light Genie’s command.

—Steven Otte, ­contributing editor

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Those who want to control lighting effects
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