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Mini Switch 2-in-1 Sport EP from Flyzone

By Matt Gunn
Published: July 15, 2013
Mini Switch 2-in-1 Sport EP High Wing
Flyzone's Mini Switch 2-in-1 Sport EP can operate as a high-wing trainer.
Mini Switch 2-in-1 Sport EP Low Wing
Flyzone's Mini Switch 2-in-1 Sport EP can convert to a low-wing sport plane.
Product: Choosing a new addition to your ever-expanding aircraft hangar can be a daunting task, and thanks to Flyzone, you now have the option to choose be-tween airframe configurations after your purchase. The Mini Switch 2-in-1 Sport EP is an electric park-flyer made of durable AeroCell foam that features a unique swappable wing. In a matter of minutes, you can transform the Mini Switch from a high-wing trainer to a low-wing sport plane that’s capable of exciting aerobatics. But don’t let the high-wing fool you; the Mini Switch is fast and nimble in both configurations.

As the name implies, the Mini Switch is the little brother to the FlyZone Switch, a larger airplane more suited for dedicated R/C fields. Although both are capable of quickly reconfiguring the wing location, the Mini Switch can sit on the backseat of a car without removing the wings. And it can be flown at smaller fields.

Keeping with FlyZone tradition, the Mini Switch is available in two versions. You can choose between an RTF complete with a Tactic TTX404 four-channel 2.4-GHz radio, a 3S 1,300-mAh LiPo battery and an AC/DC balancing LiPo charger, or a Tx-R version that includes a 2.4-GHz SLT receiver compatible with the Tactic AnyLink. Both versions include 8g micro servos, a 20-amp ESC, and a 28-30-1100-kV brushless motor.

Performance: The Mini Switch arrives with the bulk of assembly work completed at the factory. All electronics are installed and servos set at their correct locations. The major assembly steps involve mounting the horizontal stabilizer and installing the wing in the high or low configuration.

In the air, I found the Mini Switch to be very responsive regardless of wing location. Roll rate was quick with the stock aileron throws — but with a notably small rudder, it needed a bit more throw than what was recommended in the manual. The Mini Switch also feels a bit heavy for its size. Add in a short wingspan, and you have a plane that needs a relatively large brushless motor and a high-pitched prop to keep it aloft. This combo gives the Mini Switch the instant power needed to get out of any situation that could result in a wing stall.

To switch between wing configurations, use a Phillips screwdriver to loosen the screw that secures the wing to the internal spar. For the high-wing setup, install the wings on the included high-wing canopy hatch, route the servo wires out of the bottom of the hatch and connect them to the receiver, and, finally, secure the hatch to the fuselage with the included machine screw. For low-wing flying, remove the foam plugs on each side of the fuselage and slide the wings into place. Attach the aileron servo lead and you’re ready to fly.

Marketing: The Mini Switch is available as an RTF with everything needed for flight, or a Tx-R version requiring a 3S 11.1-volt, 1,300-mAh LiPo, a charger and a transmitter compatible with the Tactic AnyLink. Customers with their own transmitters will need the Tactic AnyLink SLT 2.4-GHz Radio Adapter (TACJ2000), so keep a few of them in stock. For the customer needing a transmitter, the Tactic TTX650 is a great entry-level system that includes two additional receivers.

The Mini Switch in RTF form includes a 3S 11.1-volt, 1,300-mAh LiPo battery along with a basic balancing smart-charger — but with an 800-mAh charging limit, it’s not the most ideal way to top off your packs between flights. Advise customers of the benefits of an additional LiPo and a more powerful charger, such as the Great Planes ElectriFly Triton EQ AC/DC Charger (No. GPMM3155). Keep some replacement parts in stock as well as plenty of 8x6 electric propellers, as they are usually the first causality in the event of a nose over.

Product: Mini Switch 2-in-1 Sport EP
Maker: Flyzone
Stock numbers: RTF FLZA3320; TxR FLZA3322
MSRP: RTF $299.99; TxR $199.99
Availability: Hobbico

• 2-in-1 wing design
• Sport performance
• Transports easily