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Warmachine Two-Player Battle Box from Privateer Press

By Tim Kidwell
Published: June 14, 2012

Product: Privateer Press’ Warmachine Two-Player Battle Box contains everything needed to get started and play a game of Warmachine, except the table and terrain. Inside, customers will find an 86-page booklet with the complete rules for Warmachine Prime Mk II, 17 plastic figures (eight Khador and nine Menoth) and their stat cards. There are also six-sided dice, a ruler, and poster-sized introductory guide for assembling and painting the figures and quick-start rules.

As with the metal figures, the plastic models require assembly. They are cleanly molded for the most part, but some cleanup is required. The PVC plastic frays when filed, so I recommend using a hobby knife. The details aren’t as sharp as they are with metal figures, and weapons such as swords and axes will need to be heated and straightened. I placed the parts on an incandescent light bulb and then held them in the correct shape while the plastic cooled.

Players will definitely want to use a primer before painting their figures in order to help adhesion.

Game Play: Warmachine is a 30mm tabletop combat game that focuses on quick, aggressive action between two or more armies, which can number fewer than 10 models, or upwards of 50. A warcaster is at the center of each army, and they telepathically command mighty warjacks: huge machines of destruction that weigh tons and stalk the battlefield, pounding anything that gets in their way.

The combat system is easy to understand: The players roll two six-sided dice and add their attacking models' melee or ranged attack bonus to the number. They then compare the sum to the target’s DEF (Defense) statistic. If the modified roll is equal to or higher than the DEF number, it’s a hit.

Each model has a damage grid with a number of boxes particular to it. With each hit, the player ticks off a box. Once all the boxes are full, the model is disabled and removed from play. One of the coolest aspects to the game is that as a warjack model takes damage, its capabilities begin to degrade, which can range from limited movement to crippled limbs.

Tabletop miniatures games are a particularly interesting breed, since they meld both the hobbies of modeling and gaming. This crossover can be a very strong combination for your store, if you handle it correctly.

The Warmachine Two-Player Battle Box retails for $99. That can be a tough sell. Chances are that since they’re in your store, your customer is already looking for something different or at least is open to the possibility of a new experience.

Your first and best weapon is a demonstration of the game, which can boost your sales potential. Buy a battle box for the store: It’s an investment. Put the figures together and paint them. Use this as an opportunity to highlight some of the other products in your shop, such as paints, brushes, tools, and instructional DVDs or books. Put together a small, 2-foot-by-2-foot board with some simple terrain, and display the figures and the other contents of the battle box.

Miniatures games, especially those like Warmachine, are all about the action. So, be ready to show your customers a good time and demonstrate how quickly they can be in the fight. What’s more, this product is mob-friendly. There isn’t the intimidating rule book with a bunch of flavor text. It cuts to the heart of the hobby by giving your customers the whole shebang without the extra fluff. Once you have them hooked, there will be plenty of time for that later.

Product: Warmachine Two-Player Battle Box
Maker: Privateer Press
Stock number: 25001
MSRP: $99
Availability: Various game distributors

• Has everything to play, NOW!
• $99 can be a tough price point
• Promotes hobby crossover