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Porsche 911 (997) GT3 RS from Autoart

By Mark Savage
Published: March 14, 2012

Product: Porsche is synonymous with racing and its 911-based racers have been ripping up sports car series on road circuits for years. Today the Porsche GT3 RS racer is one of the more successful racers, and it has been around for enough years to have been raced in many liveries and color schemes.

Autoart has picked up on that and offers a variety of GT3 slot cars in 1:32 scale. The test car being a silver Porsche — probably it’s most popular color and its original racing color — with orange trim. This racer looks fast and will catch any slot car buyer’s eye in Autoart’s attractive plastic display case with cardboard sleeve.

The key with slots, as with the real car, is always performance.

Performance: No doubt, Autoart knows how to create a great-looking model, both in the die-cast market and plastic slot cars. This is an awesome-looking racer in silver with orange mirrors, wheels and striping, along with the GT3 RS logo on its side. There’s a rear wing in black with orange end pieces. Gorgeous!

Likewise, the interior looks sharp with a detailed dash, roll cage and driver figure, but he’s not in race gear. That’s a bit odd for a race car, something that is more racer than street machine.

The GT3 also shows disc brakes behind the wheels and offers working front and rear lights. Underneath is a racy can motor that makes the car plenty quick in a straight line. Autoart provides a powerful magnet too, so the car has good grip in the corners.

The issue this Autoart car had, unlike others I’ve tested, was its blade was too large to work well on my Scalectric track or a friend’s SCX track. I trimmed off part of the blade’s nose and filed the sides of the blade so it would not bind in the slot on turns. You’ll want to mention that to customers prior to a sale, but also let them know it comes with two extra blades.

Once I cut and filed the blade the car worked as well as most slots, quicker than some. It handled well with little tail wagging, thanks to that magnet. Its tires are a soft compound too, which helped its grip.

Overall, Autoart cars are well-made, with brass bushings on the axles for smooth operation and less resistance. The blade is self-centering too, but my test model’s thin wire that controls the centering was bent. Trying to straighten it, the tiny wire broke, so along with it went the self-centering feature.

Although I had a few issues with the test model, one that I tested several years ago was fine right out of the box and remains a steady performer. Its self-centering feature and blade were fine.

Marketing: We slot car racers enjoy all makes and models, but a model that looks good is what will get us to snag it from your store. Autoart’s Porsche collection is a winner on that front. Autoart also offers an all-white model, white with red stripes and wheels, white with blue stripes and wheels, all-yellow, all-red, and orange with black stripes and wheels.

Push the car’s quality, the zippy motor and the modest price. Plus if your customers race in groups this would be a good model to suggest as a race category as racers can each get a distinct looking Porsche to race. If raced in stock trim, the racing action should be close too.

Break one out for customers to test on your in-store track. You do have an in-store track, don’t you? Also, don’t forget to suggest lubrication products as an add-on sale!

Product: Porsche 911 (997) GT3 RS (silver, orange stripes)
Maker: Autoart
Scale: 1:32
Stock number: 13213
MSRP: $44.95
Availability: Autoart

Great looking
Value pricing
High-quality components