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1:18 1967 Chevrolet Corvette L88 from American Muscle

By Mike Soliday
Published: October 19, 2011
Product: By 1966, the Sting Ray generation of the Corvette had been around for four years. GM was poised to launch the new “Mako Shark” generation of the Corvette in 1967, but when undesirable aerodynamic traits showed up during testing, GM had no choice but to shelve the Mako. For 1967, the Corvette remained a Sting Ray.

To many enthusiasts, that was just fine as the ’67 turned out to be the most refined and cleanest of the Sting Rays. The designers gave it a single, centered backup light, new 6-inch rally wheels and five small fender vents to replace three large ones. Refinements aside, the biggest (and most desirable) new feature was lurking under the hood.

The L88 427 motor was brand new in 1967 and would only be available through the 1969 model year. In its maiden year, only 20 savvy buyers opted for the L88, making it extremely rare and very desirable today. This thing was a monster and the measly 430 horsepower claim was simply laughable. With 12.5 to 1 compression, a high-lift cam, aluminum heads and a big 850 CFM carb, dyno tests showed that its true horsepower was 560! Obviously, the thinly veiled true intent of the L88 Corvette was for racetrack performance.

Checking the L88 427 box on a new-car order form would add a hefty $1,500 premium to the already steep $4,240 base price, but no doubt you’d be the only person in town with one in the driveway!

American Muscle has captured the ultimate second generation big-block Corvette in 1:18. This model is part of their Elite Edition series and can only be had in the never before offered Elkhart Blue.

Performance: This is one of those models that calls attention to itself. Not only is it a super-rare 427 ’67 Vette in Elkhart Blue, but American Muscle delivers with high-level detail.

Like the other cars in the Elite line, this Vette has a die-cast body and plastic interior, chassis and engine.

All the sexy Corvette curves and ridges are spot on. The hood scoop and stinger stripe look great and the chromed side pipes, redline tires and clever “ELKHART” rear plate really complete the package.

Naturally, the doors and the hood open, but the bonus is the opening hidden headlights. Nice touch! The deck does not open, but that’s on par with other models selling at this price point.

The clean 427 engine includes simple wiring and a correct L88 aircleaner. Underneath this model has plenty to draw the eye too, with posable front steering and accurate engine pipes and exhaust.

Quality interior detail is important on every die-cast, and if that die-cast is a convertible, it's essential. This Corvette does hit the mark for its price point, but just barely. While the teal color of the buckets, molded "carpet" and dash make for an outstanding package when paired with the Elkhart Blue body, up close the details (the sport steering wheel, gauges and window cranks) appear a bit toy-like.

Marketing: The Corvette is an iconic American automobile and selling this model to the general public is a lot easier than, say, selling a million-dollar European Supercar that many casual vehicle customers are not as familiar with.

In the ’60s the Corvette was the Saturday night king of drive-ins and main streets across the country. A simple display featuring an array of vintage muscle cars will draw your customers to this Vette. Be sure to mention that this is part of the new 20th Anniversary of the American Muscle line and that it’s in a color never offered before.

Not being a premium model, this Corvette is fairly wallet-friendly. And did I mention it’s a Corvette? This one’s tough to resist.

Product: Chevrolet Corvette L88
Maker: American Muscle
Scale: 1:18
Stock No. AMM952
MSRP: $79.99
Availability: Visit for distributor information

Rarest '67 Corvette
All the right details
Good price point