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Online Exclusive: 1:48 UC-78/JRC-1/T-50 'Bamboo Bomber' from Czech Model

Czech Model's Cessna T-50 "Bamboo Bomber" mixed-media kit is finally here!
Published: January 14, 2010
Product: Featured on the box top is Songbird, trusty steed for the 1950s radio and television flying rancher, Sky King. Inside the box, plastic, cast-resin, and two frets of photo-etched metal parts are individually bagged. The six-color decal sheet has markings for three aircraft, notably Sky King's 1951 Songbird.

Assembly: The 12-page, 16-step assembly booklet is easy to follow and features color chips, three-view drawings, and FS numbers.

The photo-etched parts are pre-painted and quite nice, but difficult and time-consuming to assemble and install. Upper and lower wing panels fit well with panel lines matching nicely. The trailing edges are thick and could be thinned by sanding. I used glazing compound as filler around the seams of the lower engine nacelles. Caution customers that the landing gear struts are weak for the weight of the model. They may want to use steel tubing for reinforcement.

All four of the cast-resin engines in my kit were warped, which may have prevented them from fitting properly in the cowlings. My engines sit back too far and would need shafts added to the spinner backs so the blades would clear. There is no provision in the kit for attaching the propellers to the crankcases.

Marketing: This is a kit that nostalgia buffs will love, but is definitely for modelers with experience building, limited production, mixed-media kits. It will take patience and a lot of love to get satisfactory results.

I finished my model with Testors Model Master enamels: classic white, guard red, and Navy aggressor gray. The decals went onto flat surfaces easily, and responded well to SuperScale decal solvents. However, customers should be warned that the decals for the engine cowls and nose didn't fit. The best way to solve this is to cut them apart, apply them and fill the empty spaces with paint.

Reviewed by Allan F. Jones

Product: 1:48 UC-78/JRC-1/T-50 "Bamboo Bomber"
Maker: Czech Model/Squadron Products
Stock No.: CM4819
MSRP: $59.95
Availability: MMD; part of MMD's Profit+ Lines

  • Nice choice of markings

  • Lots of pre-painted photo-etched parts

  • Open cabin door window not included